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SE-AXF Photo: Peter Compton?

Västerås Flygmuseum, Västerås Airport, Sweden
22 May 2005
Photo: © courtesy of Lars Sundin (SFF)


Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation; Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 592
Manufacturing Date: 1947-03-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM)
Reg. No. Date Remarks
NC6363K 1947-03-?? Manufacturing Date.
1947-03-?? Test flight.
1947-04-01 Official delivery date from Republic Aviation Corporation to Livingston Airways Corp.; Waterloo, Iowa, USA.
1959-09-24 Cancelled from US CAR.
D-ELPO 1961-11-27 Registration reserved for Aircraft G. Krautheim GmbH; Nürnberg, West Germany.

Krautheim was an importer of Czechoslovakian aircraft.

1962-07-16 C of R and C of A issued to Günter Hansel; Bremerhaven.
1962-??-?? Damaged in landing on river " Weser" near Bremerhaven.
1965-12-22 Cancelled from West Germany CAR.  Aircraft not repaired, because Mr. Hansel lost interest due to bureaucracy to get water landing permissions in West Germany.
1966-07-01 Re-registered on West Germany CAR to Karl-Heinrich Röhl; Hamburg.  Mr. Röhl was the owner of air service companies at Hamburg, Kiel and Hartenholm. D-ELPO was based at Hartenholm.
1968-04-?? Fritz Heinz; Nieder-Weisel.  Mr. Heinz was a former HFB apprentice and flying instructor of HFB-Motorfluggruppe. D-ELPO was based at Egelbasbach.  Occasional water landings made on River Elbe, near Hamburg-Finkenwerder airfield (then HFB, now Airbus works).
1971-09-12 Badly damaged while demonstrating water landings for a TV team filming in Eckernförder Bucht (Baltic Sea), near offshore platform 'Barbara', north of Krusendorf.  The damaged Seabee was towed to the shore.
1971-12-09 Cancelled from West Germany CAR.  The damaged Seabee was stored at Siegerland without propeller.  Last seen on 1973-09-28.
1976-10-10 Bill of Sale.  Seller: Fritz Heinz; Butzbach, Germany. / Purchaser: AB Fiskflyg; Porjus, Sweden, for parts.
1992-11-03 Application for registration: AB Fiskflyg; Porjus, Sweden.
1993-01-18  Reserved by AB Fiskflyg, Porjus. (Paul: 19930168).
1999-07-20 Seen and photographed in the Fisflyg AB hangar in Porjus, Sweden.
2000-02-18 Bill of Sale.  Seller: Porjusflyg AB; Porjus.

Purchased by:
Sten Arvid Karlsson
Fregattvägen 3A, 5 TR
SE-183 53 Täby

Sten also own a Seabee # 830, SE-AXY.

SE-AXF 2001-06-14 Registration reserved for Sten Arvid Karlsson; Täby, Sweden.
2004-06-13 Application for Permit to Build: Sten A. Karlsson; Täby.
2004-06-29 "Experimental" building permit # 592-1225 issued by EAA Chapter 222 to Sten Arvid Karlsson for the restoration and rebuild of s/n 592.

New address:
Södergatan 13B
SE-19 534 Märsta

2009-??-?? Under restoration/storage at Västerås Flygmuseum; Västerås Airport, Hässlö.
Sources: Benny G. Karlsson/NORARC; Sweden.
Paul Compton/NORARC; Sweden.
Peter-Michael Gerhardt/NORARC; Germany.
Freddy Stenbom; Sweden.
RAC Seabee Delivery List.

D-ELPO Photo: Steinar Saevdal 1999

Fiskflyg AB, Porjus, Sweden
20 July 1999
Photo: © Steinar Saevdal

D-ELPO Photo: Steinar Saevdal 1999

Fiskflyg AB, Porjus, Sweden
20 July 1999
Photo: © Steinar Saevdal

D-ELPO Photo: Scott C. Henderson

Photo: © Scott C. Henderson

D-ELPO Photo: Please tell me!

Photo: © Please tell me!

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