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Flatøy SPB, Meland, Norway
July 1947
Photo: © Solberg Family


Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation; Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 737
Manufacturing Date: 1947-05-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM) 
Reg. No. Date Remarks
(LN-MAM) 1947-05-?? Manufacturing Date.
1947-05-?? Test flight.
1947-06-04 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Thor Solberg Flyveselskap AS; Oslo, Norway.
1947-07-?? Arrived at Bergen harbor aboard vessel M/S "Vindafjord".
1947-06-?? Assembly at Flatøy SPB, Meland, north of Bergen.
LN-MAM 1947-07-17 C of R # 166 and C of A # 189 issued.
Registered owner: Thor Solberg Flyveselskap AS; Bergen, Norway.
1948-04-29 Vestlandske Luftfartselskap AS; Bergen.
1951-05-11 Emergency landing at Vigrestad.
1952-03-02 Mooring accident at Bergen, Sandviken SPB.
1955-10-31 Taxiing accident at Fivelstad, Sogn.
1957-12-06 Mørefly AS; Ålesund.
1962-??-?? Sold to Finnish businessman Levi Hellberg; Helsingfors, Finland. (See below).
1963-02-27 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR.
(OH-SBC) 1962-06-15 Mr. Levi Hellberg took off from Ålesund, Norway, to fly the Seabee home to Finland.  The first landing en route was made in Östersund, Sweden, where he stayed overnight.  
1963-06-16 Hellberg started for the next leg to Gävle, Sweden.  The weather forecast indicated fog on the coast, but Mr. Hellberg decided he still would go.  If weather turned too bad, he could easily land on sea and wait for weather to improve.

Near Hernösand, Fågelhorn, the forecast turned out to be right, and Mr. Hellberg decided to land on sea, approximately 1 NM from the Swedish coast.  The landing was uneventful and he started to taxi towards land.  After a while Hellberg decided to make a short 'hop' towards land, to save time.  When he landed again after a few hundred meters, the right wing float hit a wave hard and was torn off.  In an attempt to raise the wing from sea, Hellberg added power.  Unfortunately this was too late, the wing dug in and the Seabee flipped over on its back.   Mr. Hellberg was rescued by two boatmen.  The Seabee did not sink at first but floated towards land, where it was completely destroyed when beating against the rocks in the waves.  The Finnish registration OH-SBC was never applied to the aircraft.

Sources: Kay Hagby/NORARC; Norway. "Fra Nielsen & Winther til Boeing 747".
RAC Delivery List.

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