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SE-AXX Photo: Lars E. Lundin 2001

Vallentuna, Sweden
24 September 2001
Photo: © courtesy Lars E. Lundin


Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation; Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 829 (Swedish EAA Experimental # 829-1198)
Manufacturing Date: 1947-05-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM)
Remarks: Extended Wings
Droop Wing Tips
Reg. No. Date Remarks
(SE-AXX) 1947-05-?? Manufacturing Date.  (Paul R. Compton: NC6569K.  Any proof?).
1947-05-?? Test flight.
1947-05-26 Sold to Hans Osterman AB; Stockholm, Sweden, together with c/n 724, 726, 823 and 830 at total price $ 23.880,35, or $ 32.981,86 including shipping costs from New York to Stockholm.
1947-05-28 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corp. to Hans Osterman AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
1947-06-?? Imported to Sweden by Hans Osterman AB; Stockholm, Sweden.
1947-07-23 Inspection.
SE-AXX 1947-07-24 C of A # 711 issued (Paul R. Compton?). Temporarily registered on Swedish CAR.
1947-09-17 C of R # 672 and C of A # 771 issued.
Registered owner: Ostermans Aero AB; Hans Osterman,  Stockholm, Sweden.
Operator: AB Karlskoga-Flyg.
1947-10-17 The wing floats damaged in high waves (approx. 75 cm) near Medham, Lake "Vänern".  Aircraft was taxiing to a calmer place.
1948-08-18 Annual inspection at Ostermans Aero AB.
1948-11-14 Not airworthy until 1949-05-20.  A/C total time 234 hrs.
1949-09-08 Collision with power line over Lake "Råsvalen", due to sun glare.  Damage to left windshield, engine cowlings and propeller.  A propeller tip separated and penetrated the fuselage.
1949-11-02 C of R issued to:
AB Karlskoga-Flyg; Karlskoga.
1950-03-14 Not airworthy until 1950-06-05.
1950-05-31 A/C total time: 402 hrs.
1950-07-09 Karlskoga Airport.  Aircraft mechanic got hit in head by propeller when hand cranking the engine.  Concussion.
1950-08-05 During take off from Lake "Möckeln", Karlskoga, the propeller was damaged.  Probably hit by a piece of wood.
1950-09-?? Accident at "Guldsmedhyttan", Storå (Lindesberg kommun), when performing an air display.  Repaired by Plåtindustri; Lindesberg.
1950-12-05 Not airworthy until 1951-05-11.
1951-05-18 A/C total time: 472 hrs.
1951-05-19 Accident at Lake "Vis", Värmland. (?).
1951-11-11 Not airworthy until 1952-05-23.
1952-05-26 A/C total time: 496 hrs.
1952-11-23 Not airworthy until 1953-06-08.
1953-07-16 Application for cancellation from Swedish CAR.  Sold from H. Faursehou to Ernst Flater Hansen; Molde, Norway.
1953-07-17 Cancelled from Swedish CAR on export to Norway.
LN-TVV 1953-08-07 C of R # 298 and C of A #  328 issued.
Registered owner: Ernst Flater Hansen; Molde, Norway.
1962-05-11 C of R issued to:
Petter Leth-Olsen; Trondheim/Jonsvatnet.
1964-02-22 C of R issued to:
Trønderfly AS; Trondheim.
1964-10-15 Major damage from from gear down landing accident on sea at Skjørhalsen.  Repaired.
1965-08-?? C of R issued to:
Mads J. Thyvold; Kjeller.
1966-03-08 C of R issued to:
Varangfly AS; Kirkenes.
1967-05-20 C of R issued to:
Kristian J. Bråthen; Mjøndalen.
1967-09-30 C of A expired.  Stored at Hokksund Airport?
1973-01-29 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR.
1974-04-20 Cancelled as sold to Sweden. Norwegian-owned, but taken to Sweden as LN-TVV for rebuild with new fuselage.  Returned to Norway after rebuild.
LN-TVV 1974-04-20 C of R / C of A # 1399 issued.
1974-07-19 C of R issued to:
Helge Grøtjorden; Hokksund. Operated in Sweden.
1976-03-05 C of R issued to:
Arne P. Veslum; Falun, Sweden.
1977-08-25 C of R issued to:
Børre D. Andersen; Borgheim, Norway. Operated in Sweden.
1979-07-04 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Mona L. M. Lundin; Östhammar, Sweden.
Seller: Børre D. Andersen (Vero Beach, Florida).
1979-07-30 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR.
SE-AXX 1979-09-04 Swedish C of A issued.  Temporarily registered on Swedish CAR?
1980-03-10 C of R # 3996 issued.  Owner; Mona L. M. Lundin; Östhammar, Sweden.
1985-12-16 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Colorant Plast AB; Knivsta.
Seller: Mona L. M. Lundin; Östhammar.
1986-01-30 C of R issued to:
Colorant Plast AB; Obi Jacobson; Knivsta.
1987-08-31 C of A expired.  Not airworthy until 1993-04.
1990-03-08 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Thorleif André Disen; Kungälv.
Seller: Colorant Plast AB.
Operated from Kjeller, Norway.
1991-11-13 Registration LN-TVV reserved on Norwegian CAR for Thorleif André Disen.  Not taken up.
1992-04-27 Registered owner: 
Thorleif André Disen; Kungälv.
1992-05-31 C of A expired.
1993-03-?? Modified with extended wings.
1996-03-?? Reservation for LN-TVV cancelled.
1997-??-?? Returned to Sweden, still registered SE-AXX.
1997-07-25 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Åke L Jansson; c/o Bromma Flygservice; Vallentuna.
Seller: Thorleif André Disen; Kungälv.
1997-07-29 Owners:
Bo J. O. Larsson; Järfälla and Åke L. Jansson; Vallentuna, Sweden.
2002-05-02 C of R issued to:
Bo J. O. Larsson
Flintvägen 11
SE-175 61 Järfälla

EAA Experimental Category (S/N 829-1168)

2003-03-26 Application for reclassification as "Experimental".
2003-03-31 Reclassified to "Experimental/Private".
  Sources: Benny G. Karlsson/NORARC; Sweden.
Paul R. Compton/NORARC; Sweden.
Kay Hagby/NORARC; Norway. "Fra Nielsen & Winther til Boeing 747".
Lars E. Lundin; Sweden.
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RAC Seabee Delivery List.
Pia Evhammar; Luftfartsverket, Sweden.
Odd G. Nilsen; Norway.

LN-TVV Photo: Odd G. Nilsen 1978

Fornebu Airport ENFB, Norway
Summer 1978
Photo: © courtesy of Odd G. Nilsen

LN-TVV Photo: Joop Zwart 1970

Hokksund, Norway
06 May 1970
Photo: © Joop Zwart

LN-TVV Photo: Gunnar Flak 1966

Eggmoen Airfield, Norway
Photo: © courtesy of Gunnar Flak

LN-TVV Photo: Juha Rintaranta

Örnsköldsvik (ESNO), Sweden
Photo: © Juha Ritaranta.

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