Republic Seabees in Israel

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Republic Seabee NC6731K (s/n 1019)
Israel ca. 1948
Photo: via John Havers

In April 1947 Israel was declared an independent nation.  War followed and hords of Israel-friendly people went to Israel to support the new nation. At the same time the Israel Air Force was founded.

In 1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee s/n 1019 (NC6731K) was sold from Republic Aviation and officially delivered 14 October 1947 to Aerogypt High Speed Development Company, Palestine, Israel.  The aircraft was soon registered VQ-PAV.


VQ-PAV (s/n 1019)
Israel 1948
Photo: Michael Flint


B-61 (s/n 1019)
Israel 1948.
Photo: ?

In 198? a Republic Seabee was donated to the Israeli Air Force Museum, Beer Sheva, Israel, by an American businessman, Mr. Robert Hebron.  The Seabee, s/n 834 (ex N6564K), was put on display painted as the original Israel AF Seabee.

Seabee 'B-61' (s/n 834) displayed at Israeli AF Museum
Photo: Erez S.
S Reg. Mk: S/N: Date: Remarks:
M (B-61) 834   Ex N6564K (ex Robert Hebron).
  The Israel Air Force Museum; Hatzerim, Army Postal Office Box 02832, Beer Sheva
E VQ-PAV 1019 1947-10-14 Ex NC6731K. Imported to Israel by Aerogypt High Speed Development Company, Palistine, Israel.
  Crashed (C) / Scrapped/Destroyed (D)
  Confirmed flying (F)
  Unknown (U)/ Restoration (R) / Stored (S) / Exported (E)

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