In promotion for the Miller Seabee modifications, Russel A. Miller wrote this letter of praise to the Seabee in 1956:


Dear Mr. Seabee Owner:

The Seabee is and always has been a well made, safe and sound airplane.

Airplanes like boats become unsafe when overloaded.  Beacuse of the the airplane's roominess too many pilots have done just this.  Take a second look at your old Seabee.

Bear in mind it is a flying boat not a land plane, for this reason comparable performance is not possible.  Instead consider its utility.  What other airplane in the same category and price range has the comfort and roominess?  The mere ease with which you can enter and leave the airplane is comforting when you think of todays automobile.  What plane can be safer when confronted with that much talked about and seldom experienced emergency landing?  It can be safely landed wheels up in any open spot, plowed fields, swamp, rough terrain or in the water.  What other four place airplane today can in five minutes be arranged to comfortably sleep two people?  Ideally suited  for that hunting or fishing expedition you have been thinking about.  By removing the landing gear it can be a 5 passenger plane also.

Over 10 years have passed since the first Seabees. Several new ideas and improvements have appeared; better propellers, improved controls and oil coolers, and now the MILLER WING EXTENSIONS AND MODIFIED SPRAY RAILS.  We have many unsolicited and favorable commendations on the conversion - yet to have one disappointed customer.

The Miller Modification strikes at the Standard Seabee's weakest points.  With the added 12% lift and the Hydro Spray Rail combination you get off and you climb.  These Seabees compel respectability.

Russel A. Miller
North Benton, Ohio

Seabee Airframe Modifications


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