Model TSC-1 T-boat

The Model TSC-1 T-boat was a projected flying boat-only version of the original TSC-1A amphibian.  On the T-boat, landing gear was removed to save weight and to increase performance.  The T-boat would also have folding wings.  This model was abandoned, in favour for the more popular Model TSC-1A Teal amphibian.


Model TSC-1A Teal

The Model TSC-1A was the first Teal version to be built.  The TSC-1A had a retractable landing gear of 'conventional' (tail-dragger) configuration.  The folding wings were abandoned.  The protoype TSC-1A, N1968T (s/n 1) made her first flight in June 1968.  On the first flights, N1968T had no dorsal fin and had inclined cockpit windows.  During the development flight testing, a dorsal fin was added to improve longitudinal stability.  Further, inclined window frames were replaced by straight window frames for the production models.  The Model TSC-1A had a single 24.5 US Gal hull tank.   Originally the Model TSC-1A had an approved gross weight limit of 1850 lbs for both land and water operations.  The Model TSC-1A was approved under FAA Aircraft Type Certificate (ATC) No: A15AE, on 28 August 1969.   An increased gross weight of 1900 lbs was approved on 9 December 1969.   Fifteen Model TSC-1A Teals were built; s/n 1 thru s/n 15.


Model TSC-1A1 Teal

The Model TSC-1A1 Teal Amphibian was developed to provide extended range and increased useful load, compared to the Model TSC-1A.  This was done by adding 23 US gal fuel tanks to each wing leading edge between wing stations 36 - 72, replacing the single 24.5 US gal hull fuel tank of Model TSC-1A.  The hull fuel tank remained available as a three-tank long range option, giving a total fuel capcity of 70.5 US gal.  The wing fuel tanks were located forward of the center of gravity.  Increased useful load capability was provided by reviewing the airframe structure to permit a gross weight of maximum 2200 lbs for land operations and 2100 lbs for water operations.  Another improvement to Model TSC-1A1 was independent retraction of tail wheel, and could be retrofitted to earlier Model TSC-1A Teals.

The protoype TSC-1A, N1968T (s/n 1), was converted to prototype Model TSC-1A1 for FAA Type Approval.  Model TSC-1A1 was approved under ATC # A15EA on 23 September 1971.  The first production Model TSC-1A1 was s/n 16.  Production included s/n 16 thru 21 and s/n 23.  Several early production Model TSC-1As were converted to Model TSC-1A1 by installing wing fuel tanks and structural reinforcements for increased gross weight.  Conversions; s/n 1, 6, 8, 10, 14 and 15.


Model TSC-1A1/EW Teal

The Model TSC-1A1/EW is a conversion of Model TSC-1A1 Teal to introduce extensions to wings and tailplane. Wing span has been increased by 4 ft, to 34 ft 11 in giving a wing area of 177 sq ft.  Tailplane span has been increased by 2 ft, to 10 ft.  Basic empty weight is 1435 lbs.  The TSC-1A1/EW conversion is also available with a 160 hp Lycoming O-320-B3B engine.

The conversion was originally developed by Dave Thurston for Thomas Martindale in the late 1980ies.  Two conversions have been built; s/n 1 (N1968S) and s/n 15 (G-TEAL).  The extended wings conversion is being installed on s/n 3, currently under assembly by Lake Central Air Services in Canada.


Model TSC-1A2 Teal II / Marlin 150

The Model TSC-1A2 Teal II was developed from Model TSC-1A1 through addition of slotted wing flaps  and from aerodynamic refinement realized by increasing the stabilizer negative incidence from -3 to - 5.  An increase in elevator tab travel was the only other aerodynamic change introduced.  The application of slotted flaps with a maximum deflection of 15, reduced stalling speed, allowing a gross weight of 2200 lbs for both land and water.  Take off and landing distances were reduced, compared to Model TSC-1A1.  The Model TSC-1A2 was approved under ATC # A15EA on 28 June 1973.  Model TSC-1A2 was approved for IFR in non-icing conditions.   Protoype TSC-1A2 was N2017T, s/n 22.  Production: s/n 22, 24 thru 38.  Model TSC-1A2 s/n 22 and 24 thru 31 were manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation, Elmira, NY.  The last 7 were built by Teal Aircraft Corporation, of St. Augustine, Florida.  Teal Aircraft Corporation was marketing the Model TSC-1A2 under the name "Marlin 150".


Model TSC-1A3 Teal III / Marlin 180

The Model TSC-1A3 was a projected 180 hp version of Model TSC-1A2, to be developed by Teal Aircraft Corporation and was marketed under the name "Marlin 180" in 1977-78.  Aerodynamic changes were to include refinement and structural changes of engine pylon and cowlings.  Gross weight would be increased to 2300 lbs.  The Model TSC-1A3 was never put into production.  Teal s/n 22 (Model TSC-1A2 protoype) was converted to 180 hp by Thomas Martindale, in Canada.  (See below).


Model TSC-1A2T Teal II / Model TSC-1A3T Teal III

During the early 1983/84, prospects were made for forming a new company, Advanced Aircraft, Inc., to develop a tri-cycle landing gear Model TSC-1A2T conversion of existing Model TSC-1A2 aircraft.  Modifications would include relocation of main landing gear, removal of tail wheel, installation of nose wheel, rework of the hull structure in the bow and former main gear area, revising the rudder, simplifying the flap control system and installation of redesigned cabin doors.   A 160/180 hp conversion, designated Model TSC-1A3T, with redesigned engine pylon and cowling was also planned.  Due to the cold climate for developing new personal aircraft at the time, the forming of Advanced Aircraft, Inc. was never realized.

Later in the 1980ies, International Aeromarine Corporation was formed in Canada to continue the process.  Teal s/n 22 was partly converted to Model TSC-1A3T configuration, before the venture folded in the 1990ies.  This airframe was later obtained from the bank by a person planning to finish the conversion under Experimental Category in Canada.


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