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Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation; Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 470
Manufacturing Date: 1947-02-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B8F (215 HP at 2500 RPM)
S/N: 23487
Reg. No. Date Remarks
(SE-AXO) 1947-02-?? Manufacturing Date.
1947-02-?? Test flight.
1947-03-12 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Hans Osterman AB; Stockholm, Sweden.
1947-03-?? Imported to Sweden by Hans Osterman AB; Stockholm, Sweden.
1947-05-21 Test flight in Sweden (where?).
1947-05-22 Inspection by Swedish CAA.
SE-AXO 1947-05-23 Interim C of R issued.
Sold to Firma Avia; Visby, for a price of SEK 37.700,-.  Final down payment made on 1949-04-11.
1947-07-16 C of R # 619 and C of A # 713 issued.
Registered owner: Ostermans Aero AB; Stockholm, Sweden.
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B8F # 23487
1948-05-16 Accident in "Östersjön", outside Visby.  Wing attachment fairings damaged when the Seabee hit heavy waves or swells from a boat.
1949-04-20 A/C total time: 130 hrs.
1949-04-20 Firma Avia; Visby.  Owner: Nils Thüring; Visby.
1949-06-19 Jonsered.  Propeller tips damaged when propeller hot a mooring pole.
1949-10-10 A/C total time: 289 hrs.
1950-04-20 A/C total time: 306 hrs.
Bill of Sale: from Nils Thüring to Taxi-Flyg; Wretman & Stutterheim; Norrköping.
1950-08-11 Östhammar.  Landing accident.  Keel damaged near the step.
1950-10-03 Registered owner: Taxi-Flyg; Wretman & Stutterheim; Norrköping.
1951-05-01 Maintenance inspection, N. O. Sefeldt, CVV.
1951-11-05 Not airworthy until 1952-06-14.
1952-08-24 Hanviken.  Propeller blades damaged by foreign object in water.
1952-12-14 Not airworthy until 1953-04-28.
1955-05-?? Landing gear taken off for operation on water only.
1956-04-09 A/C total time: 1.345 hrs.
1957-04-01 A/C total time: 1.603 hrs.
1958-04-18 A/C total time: 1.841 hrs.
1959-02-14 A/C total time: 2.040:10 hrs.
1960-04-27 Not airworthy until 1962-05-22.
1961-09-15 Bill of Sale: from Taxi-Flyg to Karl Ivar Uvhagen and Erik Roth; Nyköping, for a price of SEK 2.700,-.
1961-09-18 Bill of Sale: from Uvhagen & Roth to Robin Antony Lindholm; Solna.
1961-12-15 Bill of Sale: from Robin Lindholm to Nils Einar Hernsjö; Lidingö.
1962-02-09 Registered owner: Nils Einar Hernsjö; Lidingö. (Compton: 1962-02-06).
1962-05-01 Bill of Sale: form N E Hernsjö to Kommanditbolaget Sjöflyg; Lidingö.
1962-05-22 A/C total time: 2.203 hrs.
1962-06-13 Registered owner; Kommanditbolaget Sjöflyg; Hernsjö & Co; Lidingö.
1962-06-30 During take off from southern "Vaxholmfjärden" at 15:20 the Seabee hit a wave, close to take off speed, and was thrown into the air before hitting the water hard.  Pilot Sven Olof Löfgren immediately aborted the take off. Right wing float got loose, damages to hull bottom skins and on windshield glass popped out and was lost.  The pilot stranded the Seabee on a nearby beach.
1963-??-?? Exchanged at an aircraft deal with Solberg Flyg AB.
1963-05-30 Operated by Marin-Aviation (N. Carlsson), Färentuna, that had purchased the Seabee on down payment from Solberg Flyg.  Transferred directly from Sjöflyg.
1963-07-14 Crashed in the woods approximately 150 m from SE part of Lake "Siggetorasjön", Uppland, 30 km west of Uppsala.  The Seabee was on a photo mission when it crashed during a low level turn.  Pilot was Ulf Axel Haake, Stockholm.  Passenger L. S. L. Eriksson, Järlåsa, died.  Passenger B. G. Johansson, Heby, was severely injured.  A/C total time: 2.386 hrs.
1967-06-30 Cancelled from Swedish CAR.
  Sources: Benny G. Karlsson/NORARC; Sweden.
Paul R. Compton/NORARC; Sweden.
SFF "Svenskt civilregister 1; t.o.m. SE-AZZ".
RAC Seabee Delivery List.

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