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SIAI Marchetti, Verigate Plant, Italy
Photo: SIAI Marchetti


Manufacturer: SIAI Marchetti; Sesto Calende (Lago Maggiore), Italy.
Model: FN-333 Riviera
Type Certificate No: A-91 (RAI 1958-12-09)
7A5 (FAA 1958-12-15 )
Serial Number: 007
Manufacturing Date: 1963-??-??
Engine: Continental IO-470-P six-cylinder, 250 hp at 2600 RPM.
Remarks: Mode S Codes: 52024317 / A828CF (N625).
Reg. No. Date Remarks
(I-????) 1963-??-?? Manufacturing date.
1963-??-?? First flight.
1963-08-12 CdN/E # 6718/E (Export C of A) issued with registration N625 for export to USA.
1963-08-13 Declaration issued that FN-333 s/n 007 never was on Italian Register.
1963-??-?? Arrived USA from Italy.
1963-09-03 Bill of Sale Issued: SIAI Marchetti to Lane-Siai Company.
1963-09-06 Airworthiness Date.
1963-09-26 Bill of Sale issued: Lane-Siai to Thompson Designs Inc.
1963-09-27 Registration Application by Thompson Designs Inc.
N625 1963-10-15 C of R issued to:
Lane-Siai Company; 2616 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas.
David T. Lane, President.
1963-10-15 C of R issued to:
Thompson Designs Inc.; 445 West Factory Road, Addison, Illinois.
Arnold M. Thompson, President.
1965-03-03 Bill of Sale issued: Thompson Designs to Lake Park Recreation.
1965-03-22 C of R issued to:
Lake Park Recreation Inc.; Camdenton, Missouri.
1965-07-08 Bill of Sale issued: Lake Park Creation Inc. to Wesley B. Harrison.
1965-07-08 Registration Application by Wesley B. Harrison.
1965-08-07 C of R issued to:
Wesley B. Harrison; 3205 Ronald Road, Glenview, Illinois.
1968-04-01 Bill of Sale issued: Wesley B. Harrison to Perry Strohl Jr.
1968-04-15 Registration Application by Perry Strohl Jr.
1968-05-06 C of R issued to:
Perry A. Strohl Jr.; 1614 Mac Asia Road, Akron, OH 44305.
1968-10-25 Hit a pole after loosing engine power during take-off (final approach?) from Akron Municipal Airport, Ohio, at 15:22 hrs. Pilot was killed. Aircraft damage reported as "destroyed". The pilot flew the aircraft without maintenance release or preflight. Fuel selector was on empty tank, other tank had fuel. Pilot, commercial, age 46, 576 total hours, 20 in type. [NTSB # CHI69A0045, File No: 3-4330].
2013-08-05 Cancelled from FAA Registry as "DESTROYED".
  Sources: Hendrik van der Veen
FAA Aircraft Registry

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