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This page will try to document the individual stories of each and every FN.333 Riviera built.  However, this seems to be very difficult puzzle to solve.  The Riviera amphibians were built by at least 3 different manufacturers (Nardi, Fiat and SIAI Marchetti).  Also it seems that the same registration numbers have been used for more than one Riviera...  When a Riviera was exported, a registration number could be reissued to another airframe in the production line.  SIAI Marchetti probably built to batches of Rivieras, and some reporters might confuse researchers when incorrectly reporting a Riviera's serial number; e.g. S/N 006 and 0106 are two aircraft from two different batches.  If you can help solve some of these mysteries, please contact:

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S Photo: C/N Mfg: Model: Year: Reg. Nos: Remarks:
U (1) NARDI FN-333   I-KISS 1952-12-04 First flight.  Prototype 1.
U (2) NARDI FN-333-S   I-? 1954-12-08 First flight.  Prototype 2.
U I-EUST (3) FIAT FN-333-1    I-EUST 1956-10-14 First flight.  Fiat Prototype 1.
U (4) FIAT FN-333-1   I-RAIG(1) 1960-03-29 C of A issued.  Fiat Protoype 2.
C N73902 001 NARDI FN-333   I-RAIA
1958-12-04 maiden flight.
1964-01-07 accident. W/O.
1964-11-27 cancelled from FAA Registry.
F N627 002 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1962 N73900
U N623 003 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1962 N73901
1973-06-27 cancelled from FAA Registry.
C 004 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1962 (N8294E)
1974-05-24 aircraft nosed over and crashed in water, after starting to porpoise on landing at Tallahassee, Florida.  Injuries: 1 fatal, 1 serious.
1981-05-07 cancelled from FAA Registry.
D I-SIAE 005 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1963 I-SIAE
1965-07-05 aircraft overturned at moorings for unknown reason on Bergen Harbor, Norway.  Salvaged and brought ashore.  Engine removed. 
1965-07-21 destroyed during helicopter lift from Bergen.
C 006 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1963 N624 1965-08-19 aircraft crashed and sank when landing gear down on Three Lakes, Wisconsin.  Injuries: 3 serious.
1965-10-22 cancelled from FAA Registry.
C 007 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1963 N625 1968-10-25 aircraft stalled and crashed on approach, when engine quit from fuel starvation at Akron, Ohio.  Fuel selector on empty tank.  Injuries: 1 fatal.
2013-08-05 cancelled from FAA Registry.
C N626 008 SIAI Marchetti FN-333   I-RAID?
1968-09-02 aircraft struck an object during landing on water in Winter Haven, Florida.  Landing was aborted and aircraft landed on airport.  Substantial damage to aircraft.  Injuries: 2 minor/none.
1971-10-07 cancelled from FAA Registry.
U SE-CWN 009 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1963 I-SIAU
Stored at Bardufoss Airport (ENDU), Norway.
C 010 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1966 I-RAIV
1968-07-25 Accident at Heppignies, Belgium.
U 011 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1963-05-25 (SE-EEN) Temporarily registered on Swedish CAR to Travelair Scandinavia AB; Norrköping, until  24 Aug 1963.
U 101 SIAI Marchetti FN-333   I-?  
U 102 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1961 I-ELYO
U 103 SIAI Marchetti FN-333   I-?  
D 104 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1966-04-20 I-SIAI 1966-04-02 accident. Scrapped.
U 0101 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1964 I-SIAO
R F-BTAM (Photo: Berend Jan Floor) 0102 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1966 I-RAIW
Under restoration in France.
C 0103 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1965 LN-NPA
1989-05-11 engine failure during second test flight after seven years storage.  Crashed and burned out at Hyvinkää.
R N918NS (Photo: Matthias Falkenberg) 0104 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1964 I-SIAM
Stored in Germany.
2018 to Daniel Boden.
C 0105 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1965 N912NS  
F 0106 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1965 N916NS
R N913NS 0107 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1965 N913NS Under restoration, or stored?
R N914NS 0108 SIAI Marchetti FN-333 1965 N914NS 1980/81 Donated to Chaffey Community College.  Later to Coast Community College District; Costa Mesa, California. Stored outside in very poor condition.
C 0109 SIAI Marchetti FN-333   N917NS 1970-08-30 aircraft observed at level flight 1500 ft AGL, when power was reduced and aircraft entered a spin and crashed at Shelton, CT.  Aircraft took off from Bridgeport, CT, for a training flight. Injuries: 2 fatal.
C 0110 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1966 I-RAIA
2007-05-27 crashed at Minden Airport, Nevada.  Pilot Egon Fritz (Germany) was killed.
C 0111 SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1964 N632 1965-04-17 aircraft substantial damaged when struck a submerged object on landing on river at Secaucus, New Jersey.  Injuries: 1 minor/none.
D 12BIS SIAI Marchetti
FN-333 1969 I-RAIA
1983-05-25 the aircraft was being taxied in after landing when the engine quit.  The pilot cranked the engine to restart, when an explosion was heard and flames appeared in the cabin area.  The pilot evacuated the aircraft as flames totally destroyed it.
S Photo: C/N Mfg: Model: Date: Reg. No: Remarks


Photo: © courtesy Berend Jan Floor / AirOnline.nl

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